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University Eye Specialists, P.C. is dedicated to providing its patients with the most up-to-date patient care. This means using the most modern techniques and equipment to ensure our patients are receiving only the highest quality eye care.

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IOL Master

The IOL Master is a non-contact optical device that allows for fast, accurate measurements of eye length and surface curvatures. Renowned for its ability to provide ophthalmologists with consistent and accurate measurements within ±0.02 mm or better, the IOL Master is a key piece of equipment for procedures such as cataract surgery.

Sonomed A & B Scans

Sonomed A & B Scans help University Eye Specialists, P.C. ophthalmologists make precise measurements during examinations. The A Scan is essential to the accurate measurement of the length of the eye. The B Scan produces a two-dimensional, cross-sectional view of the eye and orbit.

Cirrus OCTs, Stratus OCTs

Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) is a computerized imaging technique used to make a 3D image of the retina. In most cases, the ophthalmologist will dilate the pupils, and then pictures are taken of the structures inside the eye. The procedure is quick and painless, and can allow the ophthalmologist to see abnormalities in the eye that may otherwise be missed in a regular clinical examination.

Topcon Retinal Cameras

The design of the Topcon Retinal Camera allows images to be obtained through the dilated pupil. This specialized microscope photographs the interior surface of the eye, including structures such as the retina, optic disc, macula and fundus. The Topcon Retinal Camera allows ophthalmologists to see clearly and accurately, even through smaller pupil sizes. This can be especially helpful when providing care for elderly patients, those with asymmetric pupils, and those with suspected retinal disease.

Digital Fluorescein Angiograpy

Fluorescein is a type of dye that is used by ophthalmologists in order to better see the blood vessels of a patient’s eye. This test is able to provide valuable information about the circulatory system and the condition of the back surface of the eye. The OIS Fluorescein Angiography is especially helpful when diagnosing the presence or progression of diseases that affect the retina.

Humphrey Visual Field Analyzers

Perimetry is a technique used to diagnose and track the progression of diseases that affect a patient’s field of vision. The Humphrey Visual Field Analyzer helps University Eye Specialists, P.C. ophthalmologists to determine the range of the patient’s visual fields.


Pachymetry is a measurement of the thickness of the cornea. Some conditions can cause the cornea to thicken or fill with liquid. Pachymetry can be a vital tool in diagnosing such conditions in order to limit loss of vision.