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Eye Exams

An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure,’ a popular saying goes. This is also true for eye care.

No matter how busy your life gets, it is very important to schedule an annual eye exam for preventative health care and the detection of medical eye conditions.

The doctors at University Eye Specialists are highly qualified and dedicated to helping you preserve your ocular and general health.

During the examination, your eye care professional will review your history, visual acuity (how clearly each eye sees) and conduct keratometry (measuring the curvature of the cornea). In addition, a refraction may be performed to determine the appropriate eyeglass or contact lens prescription to compensate for nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism, and a dilated fundus examination allows for a clear view into the eye.


Comprehensive examination is crucial to diagnosing and managing eye conditions and diseases.

Eye focusing and movement tests assess how well the eyes function individually and together. Eye coordination and internal eye health are also evaluated during a typical University Eye Specialists exam.

In addition, supplemental testing may be conducted during these exams to confirm or rule out a possible problem, and to provide clarification or further assessment if any questions or concerns arise during the exam.

Our friendly and caring professionals will be happy to answer the questions you may have about your eye care and condition, and recommend the next steps.


Ensure you never miss out on life’s best moments due to poor vision!