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Exams for Children

Babies that do not show eye health issues or are at low risk for eye problems should have their eyes screened by six months of age. University Eye Specialists, P.C. then recommends another eye exam at age three and one more before the start of school.


Children who wear eyeglasses or contact lenses need to be examined annually to keep their prescriptions current. 

Children that have eye health risk factors should have more frequent eye exams. Risk factors include eye problems that may get worse after the start of school, eye injuries, eye development delays, crossed eyes, family history of eye problems or physical illnesses or diseases that include eye problems. It is important that as parent you watch your children and beware of the following signs of eye problems:

The child loses place while reading

Avoids close work

Rubs eyes

Experiences headaches

Tilts or turns head

Performs below potential

Holds reading materials closer than normal

University Eye Specialists, P.C.’s professionals have been specially trained to work with children, and have the knowledge, equipment and personal skills to make your child’s eye exam less stressful.

Ensure your child’s eye health!